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Sentence Workout

Sentence Workout was created by a certified speech and language pathologist for students ages 6 and up to practice sentence structures in both oral and written forms. This is another app from the family of workouts developed by Virtual Speech Center Inc.—this time with a soccer theme.

The two activity types included in Sentence Workout are "say it" and "build your sentence."

In the "say it" activity, students practice sentence structure by answering questions orally. Students can audio record their responses and compare them with the native productions.

In the "build your sentence" activity, students practice written sentence structure by manipulating sentence parts while they are receiving auditory feedback.

Children simply drag and drop different scrambled parts of the sentence into correct boxes to make a complete and grammatically correct sentence.
They can then listen to their sentences and correct them as needed.

Children are welcomed by the soccer coach who encourages them to work hard. Children earn a soccer ball for each correct response, and when they accumulate enough balls, they can play a soccer game.


There is a wide variety of sentence structures included in the app. It will be a great way to practice these skills. Right now I use the No Glamour Sentence Structure book and the app Rainbow Sentences. I love having more activities for this skill!Speech Room News

With a hierarchy of sentence structure types to practice, this application can be used across multiple ages/grades, with multiple students, and as children individually progress. To learn more about how this application, continue reading!Consonantly Speaking

This app uses a fun soccer theme. I don't know about you but about 80% of my students are OBSESSED with soccer! So yay! Speech Time Fun