YouTube Videos for Valentine’s Day: Speech Therapy and Tele-Speech

Incorporating holidays in speech and language therapy is not only a great way of introducing children to traditions of holidays but it also helps children with language.

Every holiday brings a new set of vocabulary that children are exposed to and including these in speech therapy makes complete sense as holidays are part of children’s lives and moreover they bring them joy - just like Valentine’s Day.

The below list of YouTube videos targets Valentine’s Day and can be incorporated into different language goals such as storytelling, sentence structure, sequencing, describing, etc. Kids get to listen to read aloud stories about love and Valentines’s Day; take a virtual trip to the chocolate factory, learn how to arrange red roses in the vase, and listen to the interview of children answering questions about Valentin’s Day.

If you provide tele-speech therapy aka as telepractice and use, TheraPlatform, as your video conferencing and practice management platform, you can copy and paste a title of each video to TheraPlatform and save them under “Videos”. You can then watch them simultaneously with your clients during your live online session.

Here is the list of YouTube Videos for Valentine’s Day:

YouTube Video: Peppa Pig Read Aloud Books for Kids: Peppa’s Valentine’s Day – Learn to Read for Kids

Description: Read aloud Peppa book about tradition of Valentine’s Day, explaining what happens on Valentine’s Day.
Age Level: 4 and up

YouTube Video: Valentine’s Day Nursery Rhymes for Kids - Children's Music -Preschool Valentines Songs

Description: A Song for Valentine’s Day with very colorful and captivating animation
Age Level: 4 and up

YouTube Video: I Love You Too Book -Valentines Books for Kids - Valentine's Day - Children's Books Read Aloud

Description: A colorful book with bright pictures about love.
Age Level: 4 and up

YouTube Video: The Whole Process Of Making Chocolate - How Do They Do It?

Description: Documentary video demonstrating how chocolate is made.
Age Level: 6 and up

YouTube Video: KidVision Pre-K - Factory Field Trip- How is Chocolate Made?

Description: Virtual field trip of preschoolers to chocolate factory, explaining how chocolate is made
Age Level: 4 and up

YouTube Video: How to Make Hear Bear Valentine’s Day Card for Kids

Description: A short wordless-video showing how to make a bear card for Valentine’s Day.
Age Level: 5 and up

YouTube Video: Small Talk: Kids on Valentine's Day (from Parenting)

Description: Interview video with children about what they do for Valentine’s Day, etc.
Age Level: 5 and up

YouTube Video: Rose Arrangements: How to Style Romantic Red Roses in a Vase

Description: Short wordless video demonstrating how to arrange red roses.
Age Level: 5 and up

YouTube Video: We Ask Kids About Valentine's Day

Description: Short video interviewing children about Valentine’s Day.
Age Level: 5 and up

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Beata Klarowska, M.S. CCC-SLP

Beata Klarowska is an American Speech Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) certified speech and language pathologist, licensed by the state of California.Beata cofounded Virtual Speech Center Inc. in 2011 and, to date, has developed more than 30 apps for speech, language, and cognition.


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