Main Street Memory app is meant to assist both children and adults who need practice processing and recalling brief, complex auditory instructions. Unlike other recall apps, this one takes place in a real life context-shopping and working downtown. This helps clients to readily understand how limitations and gains in skills directly affect their life. It also allows the therapist to directly relate therapeutic tasks to functional outcomes for community living tasks and vocational readiness. The activities are game like so that clients have fun while learning. The therapist has the ability to control length and complexity of directions by selecting the appropriate level and the amount and type of background noise by adjusting the settings on the app. In addition to background noise the therapist can delay the presentation of stimuli.

Main Street Memory includes beautiful graphics and professional audio recordings with various voices to make following instructions fun and dynamic. Children and adults will have fun following increasingly longer directions in three different stores: Jin’s Jewelry, Pia’s Pizza and Sweet Shop.

Main Street Memory app also includes reward system in form of a game, which can be easily turned off in the settings. The children or clients earn a token for each correct response, and when they accumulate enough tokens, they are reward with a game based on the classic Pac man game.

Main Street Memory is easy to navigate and allows users to employ several tools, enabling them to perform the following tasks:

  • Enter multiple students
  • Change settings
  • Select levels of difficulty
  • Select auto-scoring
  • Select alternate counts for multiple students
  • Enable or disable the reward
  • Enable or disable feedback sounds
  • Enable or disable background noise
  • Enable or disable delay of stimuli
  • Track correct and incorrect responses
  • E-mail results at the end of the game

Author: Maryann Hymel, M.A. CCC-SLP
Developed by Virtual Speech Center Inc.


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