The Questions Hunt app was developed by a certified speech and language pathologist for children to practice answering yes/no questions and WH questions (what, where, who, when, why and how).

Children will practice answering questions related to different themes by searching for question marks hidden in beautifully designed, colorful and animated scenes, such as beaches, parks, stores, campgrounds, airports and schools.

The Questions Hunt app includes both receptive and expressive tasks that integrate 60 yes/no questions and 360 WH questions. In receptive tasks, children listen to questions and answer multiple choice questions by tapping an answer choice. In expressive tasks, children answer questions verbally.

The app is easy to navigate and allows users to employ several tools to perform the following tasks:

  • Enter multiple students.
  • Change settings.
  • Save selected goals for next sessions.
  • Use the audio recording feature.
  • Track correct and incorrect responses.
  • Email and print results at the end of the session.


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