Wh-Questions Island was developed by a certified speech and language pathologist for children to practice auditory comprehension and verbal expression by answering wh-questions. Children will have fun playing the colorful animated board game and earning rewards while practicing wh-questions with real -life photos.


Wh-Questions Island includes two activity types: flashcard and the board game.

Wh-Questions Island includes both receptive and expressive language tasks. In receptive task, children listen to wh-questions and select the correct answer when given three choices. In the expressive task, children verbally answer wh-questions.

Wh-Questions Island offers 480 wh-questions:

  • What questions (e.g. “What do you buy in the toy store? “) - 80 questions organized into four sets
  • Where questions (e.g. “Where does a fireman work?”) - 80 questions organized into four sets
  • Who questions (e.g. “Who is your best friend?”) - 80 questions organized into four sets
  • When questions (e.g. “When do you go to the doctor?”) - 80 questions organized into four sets
  • Why questions (e.g. “Why do you wear a helmet?”) - 80 questions organized into four sets
  • How questions (e.g. “How do you help your parents?”) - 80 questions organized into four sets

Wh-Questions Island is easy to navigate and allows users to employ several tools to perform the following tasks:

  • enter multiple students
  • change settings
  • save selected goals for next sessions
  • select auto-scoring for receptive task
  • select alternate counts for multiple students
  • enable or disable written picture descriptions
  • use audio recording feature
  • track correct and incorrect responses
  • view reports in table and graphical forms
  • e-mail results at the end of the game


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