Verbal Reasoning is an iPad app created by a certified speech and language pathologist for adults and children ages 12 and up. Verbal Reasoning targets reasoning and critical thinking skills, challenging users with over 1000 stimuli. This colorful and engaging app allows speech and language pathologists and educators to set a reward system when working with children to make therapy more fun and motivating. The children are rewarded with puzzle pieces, and when they accumulate enough pieces they can do various puzzles. This feature can be turned off when working with adults.

Verbal Reasoning includes the following activities:

  • Identifying problems, possible causes, and solutions
  • Stating problems, possible causes, and solutions
  • Identifying what will happen next
  • Predicting what will happen next
  • What would you do if…?
  • What would happen if…?
  • Stating pros and cons
  • Stating similarities and differences between items
  • Answering why-questions
  • Answering negative wh-questions

The Verbal Reasoning app can be used with the following audiences and disorders:

  • Adults with cognitive deficits caused by TBI, stroke, or other brain injuries
  • Aphasia
  • Children with language disorders
  • Autism


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